NRicher™ Mx (beads for enrichment of low abundance proteomes) - 50 reactions
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    General Enrichment for All Biofluids and Tissue Lysates

    Consumable chemically derived beads, species agnostic as they are not derived from antibodies Enrich low abundance proteomes from any source, from sera/plasma to cell lysates from both animals and humans, >90% Albumin removal Does not require any specialized instruments, just a standard microfuge Bead format suitable for automation compatibility, please inquire On-Bead digestion for LC-MS analysis, or optional elution for any functional, enzymatic, or immunoassay analysis

    NRicher™ Mx employs the use of a bead cocktail, which allows for one, rather than multiple LC-MS analyses to establish dynamic range compression. NRicher™ Mx is thus an all-purpose proteomic enrichment product that can be used for any sample type, from biofluids to tissue lysates. It is compatible with up to 1% non-ionic detergent concentrations. It is particularly useful for membrane proteins. Targets of over 50% of all therapeutic drugs, membrane proteins perform a variety of functions including:

    • Receptors which relay information between internal and external environments
    • Transport of molecules and ions across the cell membrane
    • Enzymatic, and
    • Adhesion

    NRicher™ Mx beads provide excellent 2-3X enrichment of membrane proteins, most of which are not observable in neat serum. Another example of NRicher™ Mx bead enrichment is α-Synuclein, a biomarker for Parkinsons Disease, observed by NRicher™ Mx, but not observed in the neat serum.